Vision for Learning Planning Samples

The following samples represent teachers’ initial efforts to incorporate the Catholic Worldview and Principles of Catholic Education in their planning. Although there are many aspects to planning, these teachers focused solely on the following questions:

  1. How have you infused the Catholic Worldview throughout your plan (content, methodology, and resources)?
  2. How have you demonstrated the Principles of Catholic Education in your plan?

Highlighted are various entry points that teachers used to begin to infuse the Principles of Catholic Education into teaching and learning. These samples, from a variety of grade level and subject areas, illustrate the wide variety of ways to incorporate and document the Principles of Catholic Education.

As our goal is to increasingly become proficient in all areas of planning within the CISVA Unit planning framework, we will continue to update and post sample plans.

We would like to thank all those teachers who generously offered to share their sample plans.

2017-18 Sample Unit Plans