Sexuality Education Guidelines

Christian Principles of Human Sexuality and Corresponding Educational Goals

The following principles and corresponding goals have been extracted from the Archdiocese of Vancouver’s booklet “Sexuality Education Guidelines”.  The booklet is a thorough and complete description and explanation of the Church’s teachings on how to educate children on the issue of sexuality.  If you wish to receive a booklet, please contact the ORE and one will be provided for you.

Christian Principles of Human Sexuality

PRINCIPLE ONE: Each person is created in the image of God.

PRINCIPLE TWO:  Despite original sin, all human life in its physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions is fundamentally good.

PRINCIPLE THREE:  Each person is created to be loved and to love, as Christ, loved the by the Father, loves us.

PRINCIPLE FOUR:  Human love is expressed in a way that is enfleshed and sexed.

PRINCIPLE FIVE:  Human sexuality carries the responsibility to work toward Christian sexual maturity.

PRINCIPLE SIX:  Mature Christian sexuality, in whatever state of life, demands a life- enriching commitment to other and the community.

PRINCIPLE SEVEN:  Conjugal sexuality is an expression of the faithful, life-enriching love of husband and wife and is ordained toward the loving procreation of new life.

Corresponding Educational Goals

GOAL ONE: The person, made in the image of God, will develop a deep appreciation of his or her unique creation and inestimable worth.

GOAL TWO:  The person will acknowledge and understand the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of his or her nature and appreciate them as fundamentally good, though imperfect.

GOAL THREE:  The person will be open to love and will love others in accord with his or her level of maturation.

GOAL FOUR:  The person will be open to the growth that takes place within interpersonal living, and will participate in relationships as a sexual person in accord with his or her own state in life.

GOAL FIVE:  The person will appreciate the responsibility demanded in the transition from immature self-centeredness to mature Christian caring and generosity.

GOAL SIX:  The person will appreciate the role played by sexuality in establishing relationships of commitment and faithfulness.

GOAL SEVEN:  The person will appreciate the fundamental purposes of Christian marriage by affirming the inseparably related unitive and procreative end of this relationship.