Dear Coaches and Principals,

Thank you so much for your support of the CISVA Basketball Finals which took place at Richmond Olympic Oval.  The two days were extremely successful and we were so thankful for the opportunity for 32 teams to once again experience this spectacular venue.  

Congratulations to the following teams on their achievement this year:

Grade 6 Girls Grade 6 Boys Grade 7 Girls Grade 7 Boys
1st  Our Lady of Good Counsel 1st  St. Andrew 1st  St. Joseph the Worker 1st  Vancouver College
2nd  Our Lady of Sorrows 2nd  St. Jude 2nd  Our Lady of Sorrows 2nd Holy Trinity
3rd   Corpus Christi 3rd   Star of the Sea 3rd  Holy Cross 3rd   Our Lady of Assumption
4th  Cloverdale Catholic 4th St. Helen 4th  St. Patrick (Van) 4th  St. Matthew

Thank you to: 

  • all players, coaches, and parents for an exciting basketball season filled with development and friendly competition in the spirit of youth athletics.
  • principals who supported their teams by attending at the Richmond Oval, Jodie Sussex, Gerard Wright and Dino Alberti from the Elementary Athletic Commission for spending the days at the Oval and for their support. 
  • JP Planta for coordinating all of the volunteers, including many students from Vancouver College for running the score tables. They were extremely respectful, courteous, and willing to help in any way.
  • Chito Ilano, from BCBOA, for coordinating all of the officials

Please share your feedback regarding this year’s basketball season. Download the form here.

We are looking for your positive comments about the program and suggestions you may. The responses will be reviewed by the Basketball director, Pasquale Balletta, and recommendations will be forwarded to the CISVA Elementary Athletic Commission.

Thank you!

Pasquale Balletta
CISVA Basketball Director