The Archbishop’s Scholarship for Leadership in Catholic Education

The Archbishop’s Scholarship for Leadership in Catholic Education has been set up to foster the pursuit of Catholic higher education for educators within our CISVA schools. The Archbishop’s Scholarship will reimburse successful applicants their tuition fees upon completion of each of three designated Catholic Core courses: Foundations of Theology (THEO 501), Christian Morality (THEO 530), and Introduction to Scripture (SCRI 505), known as the Catholic Core. Please see flyer for more information.

Working in partnership with St. Mark’s College, the Archdiocese, and CISVA have organized the following Catholic Core courses that are eligible for the Archbishop’s Scholarship.  These courses include:

Course Details ^ Course Dates Archbishop’s Scholarship* Application Deadline
Winter 2020

THEO 501: Foundations of Theology

Instructor: Dr. Nicholas Olkovich

Further information Jan. 10-11
Feb. 7-8
Mar. 6-7                        

Fridays 5-9PM
Saturdays 9AM-5PM

$1,110* CLOSED
Spring 2020

SCRI 505: Introduction to Scripture

Instructor: Fr. Nicholas Meisl

Further information Apr. 17-18
May 8-9
June 12-13                 

Fridays 5-9PM
Saturdays 9AM-5PM

$1,110* OPEN
Summer 2020 

THEO 501: Foundations of Theology

Instructor: Dr. Nick Olkovich

Further information Classes at St. Mark’s

July 6-17
Monday – Friday mornings
9AM – noon

$1,110* OPEN
Professional Development

Half day workshop

  Sat. July 11, 2020

9am – noon


Professional Development: Half day workshop – Saturday, July 11, 2020 – 9am – noon

Dr. Doris KieserThe Fundamentals of Moral Decision-Making: Teaching Controversial Topics in the Classroom


In this morning session, we will explore how we make moral decisions in the context of the Catholic tradition. Some aspects of decision-making include the four sources for moral theological reflection (Scripture, Tradition, Reason, and Experience), the development of a mature and well-informed conscience, and the aspects of judging moral action. We will also consider some cases of controversial moral topics that might arise in the classroom, for example, Catholic anthropology and human sexuality, sexual development, or end-of-life decision-making. The sessions are planned as an introduction to moral theological reflection and are therefore suitable for all who are curious and interested. 

^ The regular St. Mark’s College application has been simplified for CISVA applicants.  Please register under “Catholic Core” as this will allow you to register for the eligible courses.
* The Archbishop‘s Scholarship covers the tuition fee for the course only and does not include any fees charged by either St. Mark’s College or the University of British Columbia. It is also a taxable benefit.


  1. Open to all TRB-certified teachers from CISVA and Congregational schools within the Archdiocese of Vancouver.
  2. The scholarship is also open to Education Assistants, Vice-Principals, and Principals.
  3. If an applicant already has a master’s degree, or if an applicant does not have an undergraduate degree, it is possible to audit the course.
  4. Successful applicants will have demonstrated leadership experience or show promise in the areas of religious education, faith development, campus ministry, or working as department heads, vice-principals and principals.
  5. The Archbishop’s Scholarship applies only to designated courses Catholic Core courses offered through St. Mark’s College at the University of British Columbia. It provides for full tuition reimbursement for these courses upon successful completion (defined as attaining a course grade of 70% or better).  Scholarships are available for up to 3 courses.
  6. Applicants must be employed by a Catholic school within the Archdiocese of Vancouver and be under contract at the time of course engagement.
  7. Preference will be given to teachers on a continuing/grandfather contract but short-term contract holders are eligible to apply.


Superintendent’s Office  |  604.683.9331  | or

Application Process

Note: it is your responsibility to register for the course directly with St. Mark’s College.
Details can be found at the links included in the table above.

Step 1

Complete the Application form found here: Application Form

Step 2

Your application for the Archbishop’s Scholarship will be reviewed by a panel made up of CISVA and RCAV personnel. Decisions will be communicated to you two weeks after the close of the application deadlines given above.

Step 3

If you hear that you received the Scholarship, you then register for the course through the St. Mark’s College website:

Does taking these Catholic Core courses replace the Foundations of the Catholic Faith requirement?

Completing all three courses fulfills the Foundations of the Catholic Faith requirement except for the two-day retreat component which would remain.

Are Educational Assistants eligible to apply for this scholarship?

The Scholarship is open to all TRB qualified teachers and contracted Educational Assistants at a Catholic school within the Archdiocese of Vancouver.

In taking these Catholic Core courses how does this impact the salary that I receive?

Successful completion of these 3 courses does not on its own lead to a salary adjustment.  If the applicant is enrolled in an academic program and these courses can count toward the completion of that program the degree or diploma obtained would be assessed against CISVA’s Teacher Salary Scale (log in to our Intranet for details).
In such cases please be sure to speak with your principal to allow for adequate budget planning should an adjustment be required.

For Congregational school teachers, you need to check with your respective school to determine what impact, if any, taking these courses has on your salary.

When can I be reimbursed for taking these Catholic Core courses?

You will be reimbursed after successfully completing the course. If you have signed the waiver at the end of the application process, St. Mark’s College will inform the Superintendent’s Office of your successful completion. In courses taken for credit, successful completion is defined as attaining a course grade of 70% or better; in courses taken for audit, successful completion is defined as attendance and participation in 100% of classes.

Who is eligible to apply for the Archbishop’s scholarship for Leadership in Catholic Education?

The Scholarship is open to all TRB certified teachers at a Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Vancouver, as well as Education Assistants, Principals, and Vice-Principals. This includes Congregational schools as well.

I am not interested in becoming a principal but do wish to deepen my knowledge and understanding of my faith in an academic context am I eligible to apply?

Yes.  We encourage applicants from any TRB certified teacher, Education Assistant, Vice-Principal, or Principal within the system who wishes to improve themselves in these areas.

I am currently enrolled in a program at St. Mark’s. Am I eligible to apply for this scholarship?

Yes. Students currently enrolled in a program at St. Mark’s are able to apply for the Archbishop’s Scholarship for the applicable courses.

I have recently completed one of the Catholic Core courses listed as eligible for the Archbishop’s Scholarship. Can the Scholarship be retroactively applied?

The Scholarship applies only to Introduction to Scripture (SCRI 505), Foundations of Theology (THEO 501), and Foundations of Theology (THEO 501) commencing in April 2017.

Can the Archbishop’s Scholarship be applied to courses outside of the Catholic Core?

No.  The Scholarship can only be used for the three Catholic Core courses.

Can I apply for the Archbishop’s Scholarship for all three Catholic Core courses?

Yes, provided you successfully complete each course, and provided you confirm with the Superintendent’s office that the funding is ongoing.

Will these Catholic Core courses be offered online or in venues other than at St. Mark’s?

Not at this time for the 2019-2020 School Year.

What is the difference between auditing and taking a course for credit?

Those who qualify are most likely to want to take the Catholic Core courses for credit as then it is possible to use those credits for a later graduate certificate or master’s degree. For those who already have a master’s degree, or who do not qualify to take courses for credit, there is an option to audit courses. Those who audit do not have to do all the paper and exam writing, but they are required to do the reading and participate in class discussions.

Archbishop’s Scholarship and potential students in Catholic Core courses

Archbishop’s Scholarship pays for the tuition fees for 3 graduate courses: THEO 501: Foundations of Theology, THEO 530: Christian Morality, SCRI 505: Introduction to Scripture

Present students are:

  • Teachers interested in leadership in Catholic schools
  • Taking courses for graduate credit

Potential students to encourage:

  • New groups within CISVA
  • New possibility to audit courses in some instances
  • Vice-principals and principals
    • Without graduate degrees: take courses for credit with a view to at least a graduate certificate (15 credits) or a master’s degree (39-42 credits)
    • With graduate degrees: take courses for audit – at least the three Catholic Core courses
  • All teachers, especially:
    • Religion teachers
    • Department heads
    • Those interested in leadership
  • Educational assistants
    • With an undergraduate degree: take courses for credit
    • Without an undergraduate degree: take courses for audit

To audit courses

To take courses for credit

Obligation to do reading and come prepared to class Obligation to do reading, assignments, come prepared to class
While it is possible to audit a number of courses, auditing courses does not lead to further studies, a certificate, a degree, etc. Could lead to a graduate certificate (15 credits) or master’s degree (39-42 credits) and a pay increase

Fees for auditing courses for 2019-2020:

Tuition: $667.00
Registration fee: $  50.00
Total per 1 course per term: $717.00


Fees for taking credit courses for 2017-2018:

Tuition $1110
Registration fee $   50
Library/technology fee $    25
Activity fee $    50
UBC affiliation fees:  
Extended health (per year) $  232.49
AMS (per year) $  194.29
U-Pass (per term) $  164.00
Total per 1 course per term:(1110+50+25+50+158) $1399.00
Yearly fees (AMS/extended health):

*Note: 2019-2020 information is TBA*



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