42nd Annual Catholic Educators’ Conference

February 17 and 18, 2022
Virtual Conference

Mission Statement:

The Catholic Educators’ Conference (CEC) is held each year to provide opportunity for the spiritual and professional growth of Catholic educators, for the development of Christian community, and to provide leadership in the development of a dynamic, evangelistic school system.


We are eagerly anticipating the celebration of our 42nd annual conference in February 2021. From our very first conference in 1978 (CECs were not held in 2010 and 2016) which was held at St. Thomas More Collegiate, Catholic educators from the Archdiocese of Vancouver as well as other BC Diocese, have gathered annually to celebrate Catholic education in BC. This wonderful, long-standing tradition is one of the highlights of the school year and is a visible reminder of our shared participation in the evangelizing mission of the Church.

Our two-day conference will once again be held online as a virtual conference.


Interested in becoming an Exhibitor?
Email info@cisva.bc.ca.