Our Schools

  • Catholic schools are funded 50% of their operating costs by the government. Schools receive no funding for capital costs.
  • There are two “types” of Catholic schools in the Archdiocese:
    • Diocesan schools: owned and operated by the Archdiocese of Vancouver.
    • Non-diocesan Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Vancouver: Vancouver College, St. Thomas More Collegiate and Little Flower Academy
  • There are 50 schools: 41 Elementary (K-7) and 9 Secondary (8-12) Schools.
    • 3 of the 9 Secondary and 1 of the 41 Elementary are non-diocesan Catholic schools
    • 6 of the 9 Secondary are regional diocesan schools
    • 40 of the 41 Elementary are parish diocesan schools

The following information is for diocesan schools only.
For information regarding non-diocesan Catholic schools, contact the school directly.

  • Schools teach the B.C. Curriculum as set out by the Ministry of Education, in a Christ-centred setting.
  • Tuition rates for parishioners:
          Your family is considered a member of the parish if you are:

    • Registered in the parish
    • Regularly attend Mass at the parish
    • Use Sunday envelopes (no amount specified) from the parish on a regular basis
    • Participate in the work activities required of you by the parish
    • Elementary Schools: $336 to $376 per month for the first student
    • Secondary Schools: $400 to $440 per month for the first student
    • Each school sets its own fees for second children (recommended to be at least 80% of first student tuition) and families
  • All schools have a uniform policy.
  • Most schools have a participation policy. A monetary levy is assessed to families who choose not to participate.
  • Individual schools handle their own registrations.

We welcome registration inquiries from families, for further information, or application to an individual school, please contact the school directly.