High School PLC

January 30, 2024 @ 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Archbishop Carney Regional Secondary

Description:                                    High school learning resource teachers will continue working toward a                                                              common vision of relevant learning for CISVA students with diverse                                                                    needs.  This group regularly meets with the goal of fostering systematic                                                              and effective strategies, resources and methods of supports to meet the                                                              needs of diverse learners.  The group continues to build professional                                                                    skills and capacity with a focus on emotional wellness, assessment                                                                        strategies,  behaviour support, transition planning and IEP                                                                                    development. The PLC meetings provide a forum for discussion,                                                                          problem solving, and professional networking.


Facilitator(s):                                  Caterina Kennedy / Director of Learning Support; Lisa                                                                                           Bond/Educational Consultant

Intended Audience:                      It is strongly recommended that all high school learning resource                                                                        teachers attend the PLC regularly throughout the year. At least one                                                                      consistent Learning Resource Teacher from each high school team is                                                                  expected at each meeting.

Further Details:                              A specific agenda for each meeting will be developed collaboratively by                                                               the Professional Learning Community.  A light breakfast and lunch will                                                             be provided.