Power Hour – File Transfer & Retention

May 8, 2024 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Via Zoom

Description:                                    What are the guidelines and best practices for file retention and transfer                                                             in CISVA? What are the ministerial orders? The workshop will highlight                                                             applicable ministry and CISVA policy, ministerial orders and FISA best                                                               practice guidelines for file management, retention and transfer. This                                                                   session will review ministry direction and provide practical ideas for                                                                   local decision making.


Facilitator(s):                                  Nicole Regush/Associate Superintendent of Educational                                                                                         Services/Caterina Kennedy / Director of Learning Support; Lisa Bond /                                                             Education Consultant


Intended Audience:                      Learning Resource Teachers K-12, office managers and any other                                                                        personnel who may be involved in the management of student files at                                                                  the school level.

Further Details:                              Virtual