WorksafeBC Training Part 2

Teaching Opportunities Career Fair


  • Date: Friday, September 16, 2022
  • Time: 12:30PM – 2:30PM PDT
  • Location: SFU Burnaby Campus (8888 Unviersity Drive, Burmaby, BC)
  • Participants: 470+ graduating student teachers; 48 in French cohort

Elementary PLC

Elementary school learning resource teachers will work collaboratively toward a common vision of relevant learning for CISVA students with diverse needs.  This group meets with a goal of fostering effective strategies, resources and methods of support. These sessions are intended to build professional skills and capacity in the areas of writing, executive functioning, IEP development, and transition planning. The PLC meetings provide a forum for discussion, problem solving, and professional networking. An additional session feature: Why can’t I write like other kids?”

Session 1 – October 28, 2022 (IC Delta)

Session 2 – April 28, 2023 (IC Delta)

Session 3 – May 26, 2023 (JP II Pastoral Centre).  Please see separate registration for Collab Day with High Schools.

Facilitator(s):                                  Nicole Regush / Director of Learning Support;

Caterina Kennedy / Education Consultant; Claudia Gastaldo/ Education Consultant;

Linday O’Reilly / Education Consultant

Intended Audience:                      Learning Resource Teachers K-7

Contact Person/Email:                 Nicole Regush/

Participants are encouraged to attend all 3 sessions.  A light breakfast and lunch will be provided.

IEP & CISVA Platform Booster/Intro


A session on the best practices in Competency Based IEPs, CISVA IEP expectations, and the new CISVA IEP Platform.  This is intended as a booster session for practice or an introductory session for those who are new to the process.

A light breakfast and lunch will be provided

Intended Audience:                      LRC Teachers K-12 who need a refresher or who are new to the process

Contact Person/Email:                 Nicole Regush/

Claudia Gastaldo/