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Celebrating Teachers with 25 or 40 years at CISVA

At our annual Catholic Educators’ Conference, we recognize and honour our dedicated teachers who have given 25 or 40 years of service to the CISVA (these years do not have to be continuous).

To submit a list of teachers who are celebrating these amazing milestones, please fill out the online form by December 4, 2020.

***For schools who do not have recipients this year, we request that the form is filled out for our records. Your assistance with timeliness and accuracy is much appreciated.

December 4 Submit list here 

Education Committee Faith Formation Package

The Education Committee Faith Formation Package is now available on the intranet. N/A Access here 

Statutory Pay Update

Please verify with your bookkeeper that the July 1st statutory pay is included in employee’s pay schedule if they qualify*. Page 12 of the HR FAQs (attached) outlines more specific details. Further, even though EAs are on a Temporary Lay Off for July and August, the statutory period covers work prior to the statutory holiday and is seen as a benefit.

*Entitlement to Statutory Holidays: to qualify for statutory holiday pay employees must have been employed for at least 30 days and entitlement to statutory holidays depends on days worked prior to the holiday being 15 of the last 30 calendar days. Statutory Holiday Pay: the employer is required to pay an employee statutory holiday pay using the following formula (total wages for a 30 day period, including vacation time if taken, no overtime divided by the number of days worked during the 30-day period.

N/A Access here












Who What Contact  
Rob Mascitti Human Resources Administrator rmascitti@cisva.bc.ca  
Krissy Litam Executive Assistant to the Superintendent klitam@cisva.bc.ca  
Angelica Cacatian Job Postings, Professional Development, Continuing Contracts, Website Maintenance acacatian@cisva.bc.ca  
Alexandra Kalewska Education Assistant Contracts, Support Employee Contracts, Criminal Record Checks akalewska@cisva.bc.ca  
Eliza Portugal Promotions, Graphic and Website Design, Social Media eportugal@cisva.bc.ca  
Lisa Rumpel Learning Support, Short-Term Contracts lrumpel@cisva.bc.ca