Contact Information

Contact Information

Superintendent’s Office Mailing Address

4885 Saint John Paul II Way, Vancouver, BC    V5Z 0G3
T:  604-683-9331   |     F: 604-687-6692  

General Email:
Human Resources:

Superintendent’s Office:
Elementary Athletics Commission:


Benefits Office Mailing Address:
4885 Saint John Paul II Way, Vancouver, BC    V5Z 0G3
T:  604-683-9310   |     F: 604-687-6692

Superintendent’s Office Staff

Superintendent’s Office Staff

Leadership Team:

Sandra Marshall, Superintendent
Lesya Balsevich, Associate Superintendent
Nicole Regush, Associate Superintendent
Nick Schneider, Executive Director of Finance & Administration
Patrick Gillespie, Director of Evangelization & Catechesis
Caterina Kennedy, Director of Learning Support

Educational Consultants:

Rosette Correa 
Claudia Gastaldo
Alexis Grace
Lisa Bond
Rose Pillay

Office Staff:

Phung Pham, Finance Manager
Rob Mascitti, Senior Human Resources Manager
Christelle Vaz, Human Resources Administrator
Krissy Litam, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Eliza Portugal, Digital Media Coordinator
Alexandra Kalewska-Chessell, Administrative Assistant (on maternity leave)
Silvio Lotufo, Administrative Assistant – Operations
Lisa Yanko, Administrative Assistant – Professional Development and Events

Benefits Administration Office:

Email: Benefits Administration Office (

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

President: Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB

Vice-President: Rev. Patrick Chisholm


Secretary: Rev. Msgr. Gregory Smith

Mrs. Amy Chow
Rev. Pierre Ducharme, OFM
Dr. Paul Kingsbury
Rev. Hien Nguyen
Mr. Pierre Pelletier
Mrs. Leslie Roque
Ms. Helena Sullivan
Rev. Jefferson Thompson, CSB