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Frequently Asked Questions – Disability

Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits

What is CPP disability
How do I qualify for CPP disability benefits?
When should I apply?
How do I apply?
What happens if I die before applying for CPP disability benefits?
When will my disability benefits start?
Can I volunteer, go to school or work while receiving CPP disability benefits?
Do my CPP benefits affect the amount I receive from Great-West Life's disability programs?
Are my CPP payments taxable?

What to Expect (disability)

Short-term Disability (STD)
Definition of Disability
How is the STD benefit calculated?
Non-taxable Benefits
Satisfying the STD benefit waiting period
Claim Submission
Continuation of benefits & premium responsibilities
Long-term Disability (LTD)
Back-to-Work program in conjunction with STD and LTD Benefits
Pension contribution Suspension
Vacation pay while on disability

Role of the disability office

Contact Information
Disability Claims Process - Summary
Employees on short-term disability (STD):
Employees on long-term disability (LTD):
Partnership Services:
Process Summary:
Initial Claim Review:
Information Gathering:
Short-term Disability (STD)
Claim Assessment & Decision:
Initial Assessment:
Decision-Making Tools Available:
Medical Consultants:
Disability Management (Accepted Claims):
Disability Management Tools:
Seamless STD/LTD transition:
Financial Management:
Methods of payment:
Termination & Appeal:

Post-delivery, Recovery Benefit

What are post-delivery, recovery benefits?
Who is eligible to receive this benefit?
When is this benefit payable?
How are these claims assessed?
Sample benefits calculation
What if the employee was already on STD for pregnancy-related complications?
Contractually, does this mean that the employee's official maternity leave is extended?
What happens with the maternity benefits offered through Employment Insurance (EI)?
How is the top-up benefit managed while an employee is receiving STD benefits?

See below:

(A) Example of a top-up calculation:
(B) Example of an approved STD post-delivery, recovery benefit:
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