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New Employee
If you have an employee who has a one-year contract and working at least 20 hours per week, they need to be enrolled on the Benefits.

It is not by the employee’s choice whether they want to join or not.

Employees will have the option of opting out of the extended health and dental provided that they are covered under the spouse’s plan.

The spouse’s insurance carrier and policy number MUST be provided on the form. Without providing the spouse’s plan information, coverage will not be waived.

Employees can also choose to waive the pension. If the employee decides to join the pension plan, they cannot opt-out.

Remember, “Once on Pension, Always on Pension” If the employee decides to join the pension plan, they cannot opt-out. Remember, “Once on Pension, Always on Pension”

Our plan also offers additional benefits such as Guaranteed Approval Voluntary Critical Illness, Voluntary Life Insurance, Voluntary RRSP, and Tax-Free Savings Account. For the Guaranteed Approval Voluntary Critical Illness, the employee must complete the form within the first 60 days upon their Benefits eligibility date.
Existing Employees


    • For existing employee who needs to update their information for the GROUP benefits (i.e. name change, full-address change, adding dependents, changing LIFE beneficiary or contingent beneficiary) please have them to complete the:
    • If the employee has pension and they are updating their information (i.e. name change, full-address, adding or removing spouse, changing EXISTING beneficiary’s name) please have them to complete the:
    • If the employee is changing their pension beneficiary/pension contingent beneficiary and appointing a trustee, please have them to complete the:
    • PLEASE NOTE: If the employee is changing their address, updating their beneficiary/contingent beneficiary for Group Life Insurance and Pension, please have them to complete the forms for GROUP BENEFITS and PENSION forms.
    • For employees who wanted to increase their pension contribution from 3% or 7% to 8% (15th year of service) or 9% (20th year of service) please have them to complete the:
    • If the employee is updating their dependent children’s student status (dependent is turning 22 years old and attending full-time in-class post-secondary school), please have them to complete the:
    • NOTE: Student coverage is extended for 6 months after the student’s last day in regular full-time school attendance. (i.e. last day in school is June 25th, dependent will be covered from June 25th – December 25th).
    • For employees who had a disabled dependent, please have them to complete the: 

Existing Employee - Late Applicant
Existing employees who had previously waive their extended health and/or dental coverage who would like to have dual coverage (not losing the spousal coverage) will be considered as a late applicant and will have to be subjected to the approval of GWL.

NOTE: Dental coverage for an approved late applicant will be limited. Please refer to our booklet for the coverage information.

Late applicants must complete the following forms:

  • Employees on Disability
    If you have employees who are away from work due to illness or injury for 7 consecutive days, the employee must apply for disability benefits. The employee must fill out the EMPLOYEE STATEMENT and have their doctor to complete the PHYSICIAN STATEMENT 

    The employee has the option of submitting their completed form directly to Great-West Life, or to our office.

      • The employer must complete the STD EMPLOYER STATEMENT and attach a copy of the employee’s JOB DESCRIPTION MUST be submitted to the Benefits Administration Office
      • If the employee on disability had pension, we will waive their contribution for the duration of the disability.  You as the employer must provide us with the employee’s actual gross salary from the first of the month, until the last day that they had been paid.
      • NOTE: Once the employee’s back to work full-time, your must provide us with the exact date that they came back to work and the gross salary that they will earn from the first day of their return to work to the last day of the month.For any specific questions or concerns regarding a disability claim, please contact our office.
    Employees on Maternity Leave
    All women in our system are entitled to the STD Maternity Benefit once they gave birth. You must give the employee the following forms: 
  • You will have to complete the STD EMPLOYER STATEMENT and forward to our office.

    All maternity leaves are different. If you have specific questions or concerns regarding a maternity leave or top-up benefit, please contact our office.

  • Employees on Approved Leave of Absence


    For your employees who are on an approved leave of absence, you will need to submit the GROUP COVERAGE CHANGE FORM to our office indicating that they will be a class 3 employee and if the employee is keeping the extended health and/or dental while the are on leave.

    Once the employee returned to work, you must fill out the GROUP COVERAGE CHANGE FORM and indicate the employee’s return to work and reinstate their benefits – if they had waived it.

    If the return to work is not the first day of the month, make sure that the gross salary from the first day that they return to work until the last day of that month is indicated on the form (this is for employees who has pension).

    Welcome Plan Application (for EEs who do not have the MSP coverage)

    The Welcome Plan is a temporary supplementary group plan of insurance which provides essential basic healthcare coverage for temporary, new and returning Canadian residents and their family when they do not qualify for provincial health plan coverage in their province or territory. Welcome Plan benefits are available as long as the employee meets all eligibility requirements. To be eligible under the Welcome Plan the employee must be covered under the Extended Health plan, they must legally reside in a Canadian province or territory, and must not be eligible for coverage under a federal or provincial government health plan (ie: MSP) because they do not satisfy the residency requirement in their province or territory of residence. PLEASE PRINT DOUBLE SIDED IF POSSIBLE

    Benefits PowerPoint Presentations:

    Pre-authorized Debit Form (PAD):
    You will receive an email confirmation from the Benefits Administration Office with the amount and date of the deduction.

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