Welcome back to a new school year!

Every year in May, principals, teachers, and staff of the Superintendent’s Office, as well as teachers and administrators from the other BC dioceses, gather to plan for our annual theme. After much prayer, consideration, and planning, we’re excited to share that the theme for the 2022/23 school year is, “Seeking Truth, Healing, and Reconciliation.

Symbols are visual poetry. It is common to discern deeper meaning from an image the longer one views it.  Our theme visual for 2022-2023 could be explained this way:

The dove, a symbol of peace, represents the Holy Spirit. It can also remind us of the dove from Noah’s ark that went seeking safety, refuge, and a place for a new beginning. The Holy Spirit reveals all truth.

The cedar branch is a symbol of healing for Indigenous Peoples.

The circle, represents God, who has no beginning and no end.

The colours used can represent feelings and emotions: white is often considered a symbol of purity or joy, red, the colour we use at Pentecost and for the Holy Spirit, symbolizes love, green for new life and growth, and pink, another colour for joy that is used (at Gaudete and Laetare Sunday) for the third candle of the Advent wreath.

True reconciliation is realized when we are open to the truth and to healing.  Let us invoke the Holy Spirit as we seek reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

Artwork provided by Stuart Pagaduan