ESPRESSO – November

Know Thyself

PRH (Personality and Human Relations) is an international school of education for adults and young adults which specializes in the growth of persons. The 4-day Who Am I? workshop is a great starting point for this work of personal transformation.  The Who Am I? aims at helping you to:

  • understand your in-depth identity, aspirations and strongholds
  • gain insights on how to grow as the unique person that you are
  • improve your self-esteem
  • get launched on a path of personal solidity, so that you can better face life’s difficulties.

Upcoming dates the Who Am I? will be offered:


Nov. 17-18 and Nov.24-25 at JPII Pastoral Centre; facilitator: Leah Bittante

Jan. 5-6 and Jan.19-20 in Langley; facilitator: Jane Waldock

May 25-26 and June 1-2 in Langley; facilitator: (Fr) John McCarthy


Further details: Leah Bittante,

Clarification on TOC Rate Increase – Effective date

We have received some questions from schools concerning the Classroom Enhancement Fund and the increase in Category 1 TOC rate.  Please note that the increase in the TOC Category 1 rate from $207 to $240 per day is to take effect from 1 January 2018.

Classroom Enhancement Fund – Memo from the Archbishop

Classroom Enhancement Fund – Accounting Treatment & Frequently Asked Questions