Kamloops Indian Residental School – Updated June 8, 2021 

In light of the tragic news regarding the discovery of 215 children buried at the Kamloops Residential School, the CISVA community wishes to express our collective sense of deep sadness and shock. Throughout the week, our office and school communities will be provided with opportunities for prayer and learning. In solidarity with First Nations communities, our schools will lower their flags to half mast and will observe two minutes of silence at 2:15 pm on Monday, May 31. Students and staff in our schools and office may also wear orange during the week to show support for residential school survivors and their families.

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“I’ve grown so much as a teacher just in one year in a school that is really well run, a lot of mentorship opportunities, and a lot of really good leadership.”

– Kelden Formosa, Teacher, Immaculate Conception Vancouver

“When we teach it’s not just about teaching a subject or grade level, it’s about teaching a child – a child of God.”
– Sister Mary Martha Hetzler, Teacher, Archbishop Carney Regional Secondary

“The CISVA is growing and that means people want to be here. The demographic is growing for the Lower Mainland and also for people wanting a Catholic education for their children.”

– Deacon Henk Luyten, Superintendent

“Teaching in Vancouver – it’s not only a wonderful place it truly is a great system of education where parents are closely involved in the education of their children, where parishes and wider church communities are very supportive of Catholic education.”

– Archbishop Miller, Archbishop of Vancouver